HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – The new sports complex being built in Henderson is quickly nearing completion.

Project officials went before the Henderson County Fiscal Court today to give an update.

“For our community, this sports complex is huge. We’ve dealt with second class facilities for too long, and there’s no reason that Henderson county kids should have second class facilities if we can help them; and the city has wanted to make this improvement for years, and it’s great to see it coming to fruition,” says Henderson County Judge Executive Brad Schneider.

Over the years, Henderson has gained an unfavorable opinion with athletes due to outdated and failing facilities. The new modern complex is progressing right on schedule. Project officials focused on adding lights to the existing fields and costs required to do so.

“We separated a few things out from the bid in order to save money, and one of those things is lighting, so today we came before the fiscal court to ask them specifically if they might be interested in partnering with us and funding the lights,” says Project Manager Dylan Ward.

Am avid baseball fan and vocal supporter of the project, Schneider knows the positive impact sports have in a persons life.

“You never know the kid that’s going to be inspired to change his life by playing team sports – I am absolutely an evangelical when it comes to the quality and the value of team sport,” says Schneider.

According to the Court, the fields are expected to bring in significant revenue for the county. The project has already gained several donors from the public, raising more than more than $6 million.

“We went to Jasper, former mayor, Mayor Austin, he has been going around and securing naming rights for each individual field. He’s already secured naming rights for most of the four baseball fields, and then he’s working on the multi-purpose field as well,” says Ward.

Wright says the new sports complex could be done by Spring of 2024.