OAKLAND CITY, IN. (WEHT) – After finding out that soccer coach Katie Harrison had resigned, many former players of hers have voiced their displeasure with the university.

One player who voiced her opinion on the matter is a former player of coach Harrison and Oakland City University from 2018-2020, Kaitlyn Dimmett.

“I feel like she’s 100 percent being forced into resigning,” stated Dimmett.

Dimmett and others fellow alums believe her sexuality played a part in the coaches disconnect with the university.

“They didn’t really agree with everything she had to say,” said Dimmett. “She was a very good coach but she stood against some of their beliefs and they didn’t like that and it wouldn’t be surprising to me if someone coerced her into resigning,” she added.

As a Christian attending a General Baptist university, Dimmet explained how when she was on the roster, her team was filled with people of different walks of life and beliefs.

“One person she was from Columbia, there was another person from Mexico and then there’s other people from other parts of the states and they don’t all have the same values and beliefs that everyone else has at the school but we all know how to respect each other and to just care, Dimmett explained. “I don’t feel like any of them saw her differently.”