EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Off the heals of the latest mass shooting that took place at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX, many are calling for stricter gun laws while others say laws are good the way they are.

Law enforcement agree that something needs to be figured out so that mass shootings will cease to exist, especially in schools.

“We’re talking years of this going on and kids have got to feel safe in our schools what can we do as a society to get this better and I don’t think it’s just one answer,” Sergeant Gray, PIO for the Evansville Police Department said. “I think it’s going to be multiple things going on.”

Local residents also voiced their opinions on the Eyewitness News Facebook comment section on whether they think the country should develop stricter laws or keep things the same.

When the COVID pandemic began, many Americans began buying more firearms and ammunition.
Now many are buying to help keep their families safe but law enforcement want residents to know gun safety is even more important than just owning a gun.

“If you purchase a gun, the first time you use that gun should not be in a life or death situation,” Sergeant Gray said. “I always caution people if you buy a gun, please take some sort of gun handling class.”

Whether it be a mass shooting or a situation that happens in the community, gun thefts can also lead to many issues.

Evansville saw 93 gun thefts n 2020, 121 in 2021 and 41 gun thefts so far in 2022 with many of those weapons being stolen from vehicles.

Though many people say better gun control would help the problem, they also add that gun control won’t fix everything.

“Gun control is obviously big, it’s a hot topic,” Sergeant Gray said. “Can that help absolutely, is that the one thing that’s going to end all of this no. If someone has in their mind that they want go and hurt a bunch of people there’s other means. We just, we need to take away the fact that it’s so easy for someone to get a hold of something.”