HENDERSON, KY. (WEHT) – As the Henderson County school board still reflects on the aftermath of the school shooting that happened in Nashville, this week the board rolled out a few new initiatives for their secondary schools.

Those initiatives include random metal detection wanding and bag checks for students as they work to ensure more school safety.

“Unfortunately times have changed and our parents are deeply appreciative that we are taking proactive measures,” Henderson County Superintendent Dr. Bob Lawson said. “In every school district the goal is to put students first and put their safety first.”

Hannah Smith who has a son enrolled in one of the Henderson County middle schools says the fact this is being done by the school board is very important to parents and guardians.

“Every morning when I take my child to school we pray in the car every morning before he gets out and I just pray that he has a good day and he has fun but more importantly that’s safe and that he gets home safe to me, because you just never know,” explained Smith.

Smith adds that receiving a good education is always great but making sure her child returns home safely is always her number one goal as a parent.

“He’s my child, I only have one,” Smith said. “He’s my baby so he’s my top priority, so I’m constantly worried about him no matter where he is.”

Dr. Lawson says the safety of students is always of upmost importance for their school board
as they want to always want to be proactive especially in regards to safety.