EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – Many refer to Memorial Day as the unofficial first day of summer as travelers headed to their weekend destinations but many of those same travelers admit current inflation prices made them second guess whether they would travel for the holiday weekend.

For Ricky Jennings he traveled all the way from Texas to visit family. Even though prices were high, he didn’t want to let that deter him from being with his family during the holidays.

“Have to sacrifice but you want to go see your family,” Jennings said. “It don’t matter how much you have to pay to see them, you just want to see them. Because of the times we live in. Especially after the tragedy that just happened down in Texas. Everybody just want to be around their family.”

AAA expects over 39 million people will travel for the holiday weekend and if that holds true, it would be an increase of eight percent compared to last year.

For Beth Lewis, she says this year has presented more hurdles than the last few years.

“Sometimes you go and you fill up and you don’t fill all the way up like you use to you kind of go until you get maybe halfway and you’re like ok that’s good for now because who wants to fill up a car for 60 dollars,” Lewis said.

Lewis said with current prices it makes it hard for just about everyone.

“It’s hard to think of what you’re going to do with what’s going on right now,” Lewis said. “I often think how do people who live paycheck to paycheck, how are they getting by. It’s not a good time.”

Jennings says in Texas the airport was very crowed everywhere you looked.

AAA says they are expecting this to be the second-highest single year increase of travel since 2010.