ORLANADO, Fl. (WEHT) – Hurricane Ian had many people changing their plans in different ways including a few Tri-State residents.

Oliver Abell, a Ridgeway, Illinois resident, traveled to Orlando with his family for vacation but that trip was cut short due to Hurricane Ian. Now they are stranded in Florida until the storm moves through as all flights out of Orlando have been grounded.

“This was my first time flying on a plane, first time at Disney World and unexpectedly it’s my first time in a hurricane and this is a trip full of firsts experiences I didn’t think was coming,” Abell explained.

Abell and his family soon figured out they weren’t the only visitors to the state worried when they visited their hotel lobby.

“You could see everyone down there just in a complete panic,” Abell said. “You could tell they were not from around here. They were trying to get home .the lobby was full of people trying to figure out what they were going to do.”

Claire Will is deploying from Evansville’s Red Cross to help residents and others who may be impacted by the weather.

“Anxious feelings of what am I going to be getting into, the unknown that’s down there right now but there is that comfort feeling of the fact that I will be helping those people and it’s something that we do here everyday in our on community.”

Though many residents will need assistance once the storm passes Abell says the locals were just going about their business.

“We saw plenty of local Florida people cool as a cucumber, following protocols,” Abell laughed. “They’re use to this type of thing and it was interesting to see the difference between the people who are use to it and the people who are just down here for a good time.”

Not only were vacationers not prepared for the hurricane but many also became scared of the damage the hurricane brings.

“Definitely some nervousness,” Abell said. “I have no idea what to expect during a hurricane. I think what made me more nervous is there’s no way out. we just got to hunker down and hope for the best.”