ILLINOIS (WEHT) — Southern Illinois voters hit the polls on Election Day in which some counties say many voters were out early to cast their ballots.

Every election is important in many residents eyes as many are glued into the republican and democratic primaries for governor.

Wayne County clerk Liz Ann Woodrow says, voting is a way of having a voice in how the community moves forward and to have a voice residents have to vote.

“It’s very important locally,” Woodrow said. “A lot of people don’t think it is but it’s locally, our state. The only way you have any say is to get out and get to the ballot box.”

Denise Armstrong, a Mt. Carmel resident believes representation matters and when selecting a candidate she wanted to vote for someone she felt would do the best job in representing her area.

“I want someone who’s going to represent southern Illinois just as much as northern,” Armstrong explained. “I’m voting for (Darren) Bailey. I really feel like he’s got our interest at heart.”

In Wayne many residents casted their votes for the primary election prior to election day.

“We have had over 600 people that have already early voted for today and that includes vote by mail,” Armstrong stated. “Early voting has in the last three years has gotten more popular every year.”

Wayne County says they seen a steadily flow of voters across their 27 precincts throughout the entire day.