INDIANA (WEHT) – Indiana Congressman Jim Banks has launched his campaign for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Republican Mike Braun. Banks is the first candidate to formally enter the senate race since Braun announced he would forgo a 2024 re-election bid, and run for Indiana Governor instead.

Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released a statement reacting to Bank’s announcement this morning. The full statement reads:

Jim Banks failed in his bid to become the Majority Whip for the U.S. House so now he sees the U.S. Senate as a new prize for more political power. Hoosiers shouldn’t be surprised by Banks’s brazen calculation, because he cares more about the Tucker Carlson national cable news circuit than creating a better future for the Hoosier State.

In fact, Jim Banks’s tenure in Congress can be described as leading with arrogance and extremism and ignoring the interests of Northeast Indiana – despite his claims that the Republican Party was for the Hoosier worker. His ‘NO’ votes on economic investments, job creation, and historic infrastructure investments show he cares less about the future of our families and workers and more about the scandal of the day in Washington, D.C.

Jim Banks represents exactly what voters despise about politics: someone who will say or do anything to make a buck for themselves and hold onto political power. Hoosiers deserve an elected official who will set aside Washington special interests and focus on creating a better future for everyone in Indiana. Jim Banks would be better suited as a Fox News host – not a U.S. Senator.”

Banks’ announcement this morning comes just days after the Washington based Economic Conservative organization Club for Growth began criticizing Ex-Governor Mitch Daniels as “insufficiently conservative” while he decides whether to seek the senate seat as well.