VINCENNES, Ind. (WEHT) – Like many people, Jim Osborne feels a sense of helplessness while watching scenes of the war in Ukraine take shape. Osborne, a curator at the Indiana Military Museum, decided there was indeed something to be done after conversing with an old friend, Indiana resident and Ukraine native Sergiy Fesenko.

“You sit and watch the television and you feel pretty helpless about what’s going on, you watch these people getting bombed and killed every day,” says Osborne. “So all of a sudden, here’s something we can do and chip in ourselves and help.”

Osborne and the museum donated several helmets, boots, vests and uniforms for Fesenko to deliver to Kyiv, Ukraine. Fesenko says he has received several calls from Ukraine residents stating the various needs for those along the front lines.

“”I will try to deliver the things to that unit, or to people who can pass it to that unit,” explains Fesenko.

Fesenko plans to take as many as 10 bags worth of materials to the Ukrainian capital, and the museum says they will help as long as the demand remains and they have the materials to contribute. Supplies are the primary focus on this mission, but there is another important task at hand for Fesenko. He wants to rescue friends and family, including his grandparents, and relocate them to a safer part of the country.

“I hope it will be safe enough to take them to the western part of Ukraine, so they can stay at one of the places we have in the western part that is relatively safe.”

He will admit, there is some concern for his safety. However when it comes to helping his homeland, Fesenko explains that the urge to assist comes naturally.

“I feel like it’s my country, it’s my people, and I have family there still waiting for all this to be resolved,” says Fesenko. “At least I have to do something to help.”