Indiana one of the worst states for couch potatoes, study says

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With shutdowns and social distancing, there was never a better time to Netflix and couch. But not all states have people rocking the couch potato lifestyle and some are downright a bad place to sprawl out and enjoy the telly.

In fact, some are comfy blanket desserts with wi-fi that will your shows buffering. It begs the question, where in the country offers all the amenities to be a couch potato paradise?

Using internet speed, hours spent watching tv, home size, and the amount spent on comfy furniture, Zippia found where the sofa spuds are— and where those who aspire for the leisurely lounge life should go.


Indiana came in as the 47th, one of the worst states for couch potatoes. Kentucky ranked at 37, and Illinois at 27. The best state for couch potatoes was Wyoming. The worst state was Hawaii.

To see how Zippia determined their findings, click here.

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