EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – What started as nearly 30 possible choices has been narrowed down to one after the Indiana Department of Transportation announced their preferred route for the Mid-States Corridor. The route, known as “Alternative P”, would begin near the Interstate 64/US 231 interchange close to the Spencer-Dubois County line.

According to a project study, between 109 and 149 homes could potentially be impacted by this corridor. However, project spokesperson Mindy Peterson explains that this option has the fewest impacts of any previous proposed route.

“We are talking about lowest impacts to environmental resources, lowest costs, specifically on the environment,” says Peterson. “Lowest impacts to wetlands. No impacts to karst features, so when you’re talking about karst, you’re talking about caves, springs, those type of features.”

Residents against the Mid-States project have argued that the impacts to homes and farmland are not worth the benefits. Eyewitness News did reach out to members of the group, “Stop the Mid-States Corridor Project”, but at the time of this story they declined to comment until they can thoroughly examine the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, or DEIS, which can be found here.

Fred Vittitow, a resident of the town of Dubois, lives just east of the proposed route, but says he is in favor of the corridor.

“I have relation in Rockport, and all the camping and fishing trips I go on, it would definitely get me to the interstate a lot quicker.”

The layout of Alternative P now could look a bit different in the future, depending on the feedback received by the public through a comment period, which runs through the end of May, and public hearings for the end of April.

Peterson says a final environmental review will be completed at the beginning of 2023, but studies will still need to be conducted for at least 2-3 years, meaning this is still a multi-year project.