EVANSVILLE, IN. (WEHT) – Over the last six days two dogs have been shot and killed in Vanderburgh County. Though the sheriff’s office did not recover any shell casings on either case but say they occurred with two different firearms.

“Cheeto” was shot on November 2nd and “Fancy” was shot on November 6th.

“It is somewhat unusual to be working the case for a dog was shot and then particularly unusual to have two occur in a row,” said Vanderburgh county Sheriff Noah Robinson. “The fact that they happen correlation is not necessarily causation and so we don’t have any information that linked these two instances together. We are pursuing all avenues of investigation.”

Cheeto was left after being shot with a birdshot and passed away the next day.

“Theirs issues here in Evansville, Indiana, and every county that we have issues with violence,” stated Sheriff Robinson. “We’re not we’re not letting anything slide by taking some time here to investigate these animal death and quite frankly, someone who would harm a defenseless animal is somebody that I want to be held accountable, because a person who would do that might be capable of doing something else,” he added.

Fancy was shot to death just off of north saint joseph avenue at the dogs residence. Even with certain laws allowing you to protect your land Sheriff Robinson says the evidence doesn’t show
that is what happened at this time.

“No obligation to allow your livestock to be damaged or your property to be damaged by an animal,” explained Sheriff Robinson. “You’re allowed to use physical force, including deadly force, to stop that. There’s no indication that’s what occurred in this instance. I have no information that Cheeto or certainly not fancy was involved in anything that would justify that level of force.”

If a person is charged in either case, Sheriff Robinson says the charges can range from a high level misdemeanor to a low level felony.