Local businesses react to Indiana’s movement to mask advisory

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NEWBURGH, INDIANA (WEHT)– A new chapter begins on Tuesday in the state of Indiana as Hoosiers transition from a mask mandate to a mask advisory. Linda Brown owns Girlfriends Boutique in Newburgh and said that leaves local business owners with yet another decision to make.

“For a small business, and especially with everything we’ve gone through, it’s another frightening phase to get it right,” Brown said.

Brown said she’s currently got signs up recommending people still wear their masks.

“Face masks are recommended, and thank you for protecting each other. Honestly I just didn’t have the energy to be the, what I call, the mask police,” Brown said.

She’s hoping people pay attention to those signs and do their part still. She said many customers on social media have expressed their concerns and she’s still moving forward with these plans.

Meanwhile, down the road in town, Ghost Quesadilla owner Ryan London said he is relaxing on the rules. Employees and customers can make a choice entering the building. With that, you’ll notice a mix of where people stand. Some people choose not to wear their masks, including some of the employees. Others are still taking those measures to mask up.

“If you don’t feel safe, and you want to come in, definitely wear your mask. You’re not going to be frowned upon or asked to take it off by all means and if you don’t want to wear the mask then you don’t have to,” London said.

London said if COVID-19 numbers go back up he’ll make another decision. But at the end of the day, both London and Brown say it’s tough being the owner of local staples during these unprecedented times.

“Yeah it does stink because you don’t want to alienate customers and you do. But one group or another is going to feel alienated by it,” London said.

“Nobody’s going to know what to do. I don’t know. Nobody has the right answer I guess,” Brown said.

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