TRI-STAE (WEHT) – Bobby Knight coached three different college basketball programs but is best known for his time at Indiana University in which he led them to three national championships.

Coach Knight also led the Hoosiers to five Final Fours and 11 Big Ten regular season championships. In his time with IU, Coach Knight never had a losing record.

John Blair is a photographer who was on the floor for every home game during the Quinn Buckner era at IU and remembers seeing many of those great teams up close.

“It was just an amazing experience to watch that team grow,” said Blair. “In fact, I think the 75 team, the 74-75 team was a better team than the 75-76 team that went undefeated. What goes around comes around is the the old adage and and now that Mike Woodson is coaching IU,” Blair added. “That’s the greatest testament to Bobby Knight that there could be.”

Nick Byers, an avid Indiana fan gave his thoughts on what he feels Knight means to not only the Indiana program but college basketball as a whole.

“It really doesn’t have anything to do with basketball,” said Byers. “You can imagine a guy that walks into a room and the respect is given. He’s earned the respect from everybody, children and adults, his peers in the basketball world, the sports world.”