EVANSVILLE Ind. (WEHT) They are becoming a part of our city landscape lifestyle. But a small business in Evansville is facing financial challenges after they say people have been stealing their scooters.

Steve Dean and Rebecca Weaver own JoyPunkZ and say 15 scooters have gone missing in just the past 3 weeks. They tell us that’s an $18,000 loss.

“They are just destroying it. It’s like someone doesn’t want it to make money,” Weaver said.

Dean says it tends to happen after 3 in the morning, and only to their newer models.

“It takes just two seconds for someone to take it and put it in the back of their truck without anyone seeing it,” he said.

The scooters have a QR code and GPS.  In order to use one, customers have to download their app and have money in their account, before they can scan the code and ride.

Dean and Weaver have spent hours driving around trying to find the stolen scooters. But once they find them, the damage is already done.

“I found jus the handlebars an hour away. And I found the control box in town somewhere,” Dean said.

Both Weaver and Dean say the alleged crooks are taking the scooters an hour away.

Dean even made a map of the locations where they are found. All of the scooters do have a GPS. But after the scooter is out of juice, they say it falls off the radar.

“When the battery still has power, I can track it an hour away,” they said.

The owners say they have been in contact with the police and even had deputies come help them look, but nothing was founded, and police took a report.