EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) Where Heather Williams’ home once stood, is now a vacant lot.

In early March, Williams lost her home of nearly three decades during a storm that caused a tree to fall and destroy her house.

Just weeks later, a fire at her sister’s home — where she had been staying — killed three pets and displacing her once again. Now, Williams says she’s just trying to get by.

“I know I’m not the only person that is now homeless… many are going through this and they’re not talking about it,” says Williams.

She is currently camping out in her brothers backyard as she tries to figure out her situation – while worries about getting care for her sick dog, Ava.

“Food, shelter, traveling, the dog’s medical bills … her condition has worsened,” adds Williams.

Having lost all her records and identification, she is trying to navigate the paperwork to get the items she needs.

Luckily Aurora Evansville is here to help Heather and others in her position; but short staff and a lack of available housing make it challenging.

“We have over two hundred people that are in our housing programs receiving case management. We have over two hundred folks that are on our coordinated entry list. We have a hundred people on the street right now. And we have 16 case managers,” explains Zac Heronemus, Executive Director of Aurora Evansville.

Heather’s sister Malissa says she hopes someone can help find a home for her sister – and are trying to find a venue to host a fundraiser.

“Most of all we need Heather to get help with housing, we need her to be safe in a safe environment…We’re still trying to get a place for somebody to open their parking lot, church or a business to open up their parking lot for us to do the fundraiser,” says sister Malissa Oaks.

Heather remains hopeful her situation will improve, and is appreciative of any help that can be given. You can donate to assist her here, and help her sister Malissa cover the deductible for the fire damage here.