EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – As the latest Vanderburgh County council meeting, Burdette Park director Zachary Wather presented new ideas he feels will help to add a new feel and bring in different groups of people.

Starting with the old putt putt area that will now transformed into something new for all ages and physicality’s.

“It was one of those things that was just kind of an eye sore for the park,” Wather said. “Commissioner Musgrave and I talked and I was like and we really need to do something about this. It’s in the center of the park and we basically just have a weeded jungle so we start clearing it out and I think putting a really big playground there with a lot of good features there that’s fully ADA compliant,” he explained.

The tennis courts which Wathen said has needed some upgrades will get a re-pavement.

“To renovate the tennis court and not to just tennis courts but six pickleball courts and I know those are in very high demand in our community and in fact our country whole,” Musgrave stated. “Exciting also is a planned dog park,” she added.

She believes these new additions is exactly what the community needs.

“It’s really thrilling, having recreational facilities things like this one of the keys things to attract and and retain talent to our area,” Musgrave explained. “That’s the number one thing we have to have to get our community to grow.”

New additions has been something Wathen has been working towards since he joined the park years ago,

“My goal has always been to provide something for every type of person to enjoy and I don’t think just because you have physical limitations you shouldn’t be able to enjoy parks,” Wathen said. “So that’s really the motivation behind trying to make the park as ADA compliant as we can especially the playground.”

If everything goes as planned, Wathen says he is hopeful they will have a new dog park and playground for the kids by the end of the year.