EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – On the 78th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, the LST 325 shared the history of the ship and the intricate part both the LST and Evansville played.

Before it found its current home on the Ohio River, the LST 325 was on the English Channel helping insert sailors, tanks and many other supplies into Omaha on June 6, 1944.

“They set sail on June 5th with 229 LST’s, 25 of those were from Evansville only one left standing in the world,” Chris Donahue, from the LST 325 board of directors said. “So that’s how unique this ship is.”

LST 325 was able to weathered the storm was able to accomplish its goal in the long run.

“You could get your soldiers ashore no problem but you got to have tanks artillery backup,” retired Master Sergeant James Goodall explained. “Unless you have a supply line to back those soldiers up you’re not going to last very long. Your main thing is fuel food equipment, ammo, keep the soldier going.”

Master Sergeant Goodall says it is also important to remember all parts of history in order to teach the next generation about sacrifices were made for them.

“It’s not just a name or picture in a book,” Master Sergeant Goodall said. “It’s a human being. George Washington was a human being, Abraham Lincoln was a human being, Martin Luther King was a human being. Had they not done what they done in their time we would not have what we have today.”

Though the LST 235 was created in Philadelphia, Evansville still contributed in many ways to the invasion and WWII.

“Evansville was extremely big,” Donahue said. “There’s probably few hundred cities making stuff for the war effort but there’s no city in the country that made more per capita for the war effort than Evansville, Indiana. We made the most LST’s of any ship yard.

The were a total of 1,051 LST’s created but the LST 325 is the only ship of those still operational and in it’s original condition.