NEWBURGH, In. (WEHT) – A man described as hero has been identified after being found last weekend on the Ohio River in Newburgh, IN.

Adam Thomas jumped into the Ohio River near Louisville, KY to try and save a woman who was drowning. The 34-year-old jumped in on January 13 but neither resurfaced.

Thomas’s body was found near the old lock and dam in Newburgh on April 2 around 4:30 in the morning.
Even though he wasn’t successful in his attempt to save the woman from drowning he is still being considered a hero.

“Not only was it heroic but took an immense about of courage,” Major Jonathan Scully of the Newburgh Police Department said. “Working in the law enforcement community that’s so close to the river, I’ve seen what this river is capable of and for him to take it upon himself to jump in and try to save this woman was a huge sacrifice.”

After Newburgh Police put a description of the body found into a police database, the Louisville Police Department contacted Newburgh linking it to a missing persons case of theirs.

One thing that led law enforcement to identifying the body so quickly was a distinctive tattoo on Thomas back that reads “fortis fortuna adiuvat” meaning “fortune favours the bold”.

“He made the ultimate sacrifice and shows that his wiliness to try to help somebody was above all else and I think that should be truly commended,” Major Scully explained.

According to Major Scully witnesses who watched Thomas jump in warned him about the war but he told them he had to try and help the woman.

“The currents are extremely dangerous and then weather conditions also play a factor and the temperature,” major Scully explained. “This happened in January in Louisville is when this took place so obviously the water was extremely cold, it was rushing very fast.”