EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – With COVID-19 cases climbing again, scientists are working harder than ever to keep vulnerable populations protected. One Tri-state company is working to do just that – and they are looking for volunteers.

“It’s a little different than the current vaccines. What we are studying is not a vaccine,” says Dr. Alex Dela Llana, with MediSphere Medical Research in Evansville.

Dr. Dela Llana and his team at MediSphere are basing their research around monoclonal antibodies. According to the FDA, this treatment that has shown effectiveness primarily against older strains of the COVID-19 virus.

“When you say monoclonal antibodies, these are actually the antibodies that are like ‘oh, okay’…if the COVID is there, the virus, it can act on those viruses, and in theory, lower the chances of developing the infection,” says Dela Llana

Dr. Dela Llana says these antibodies could still be the key in preventing COVID for those with compromised immune systems.

“So it’s kind of like we’re trying to see if these monoclonal antibodies can help those patients who can’t build up their own immune system basically,” says Dela Llana.

Dr. Dela Llana says he plans for the study to last fifteen months. MediSphere is searching for volunteers 18 years or older and are immuno-compromised to participate in the study.

“In a nutshell we are just trying to find out, is it safe? Are there any side effects? And also, how does it compare in lowering the incidents and also the complications if one were to develop COVID,” says Dela Llana.

People who meet the qualifications for the study and are interested in participating are encouraged to reach out to MediSphere directly.