EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Exciting news at the Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden as they announced on their Facebook page they were ready to tell the world about Rose, the baby Kudu.

Mesker zookeepers tell us more about about the Kudu, the 2nd largest Antelope species in the world.

Kudu, a native African and South African species are known for their ability to jump 8 feet straight into the air. Their big ears give them excellent hearing.

Baby Rose was born on August 26, to parents, Rocco and Motley. Rocco is two years old and will be leaving the zoo in the future. Keepers say Rose is the 3rd female Kudu in the panorama yard accompanied by two male Kudus. Although Kudu are not classified as endangered, being hunted for trophies and the loss of their habitat is hurting their population numbers.

Keepers say Rose was planned and tracked. They say their staff has gotten so good at reading the animals that they were able to exactly pinpoint the day Rose would be born and were ready.

The Mesker Zoo says they appreciate the love and support given from their community and hopes to see people when they come to visit Rose!