Possible frost in the Tri-State, Joe explains why

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HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)-Winter just doesn’t want to release its grip as there is snow still falling out in Wyoming and not too far from here, frost and freeze warnings.

Here are the current alerts out right now, in the blues those are winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings.

Some of the locations in the blue could see a foot to a foot and a half of snow.

Then to the east in parts of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri there is the frost advisory and freeze warnings.

We could see some frost here too, but you may ask how when the temperature is above freezing?

To get frost you need temperature near or below freezing, clear skies, and a calm wind.

The clear skies let the temperatures drop, the wind prevent mixing of the atmosphere.

Now when it comes to the temperature, it’s measured and six and a half feet above the ground.

However,  the ground can be several degrees cooler as it radiates its heat back into the atmosphere, causing its temperature to drop to the freezing point.

Statistically there is about a 60 percent chance for this time of year Evansville could see a temperature at or below 36 degrees.

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