Meteorologist Joe Bird takes a look a precipitation in May

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(WEHT)- The CPC issues a 8-14 day version, a one month version, and a three month version.

This isn’t a rainfall forecast in the way of how many inches of rain we should receive, rather, if we should see what is normal for the given timeframe.

What is considered normal is the issued by the local national weather service office, which for most of our area is the one in Paducah.

So here is a look at the current one month rainfall outlook forecast for the month of may.

You can see the different shades, green meaning wetter than normal brown, meaning drier than normal, and the areas not shaded means equal chances.

You can see the eastern part of the U.S. Is forecasted to be wetter than normal and the western side drier than normal, with the exception of Montana.

Here at home we’re under the second shade of green, that means the CPC is forecasting we have a 40

percent chance of seeing above normal rainfall this month.

This includes many others states such as Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama.

So how are we doing so far on rainfall when it comes to what has been measured at the Evansville airport?

Here’s the latest from yesterday for the month ,and for the year.

You can see we’re actually a bit below average for now for the month.

However some in our area are well above the average.

Don’t forget just Tuesday of last week, parts of Muhlenberg and Hopkins county were flooded with at least 7 inches of rain in some locations.

(This story was originally published May 13, 2021)

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