Warrick County, Ind. (WEHT) – An investigation has been launched in Warrick County after law enforcement was called to Vann Road Park on Sunday.

Warrick County Sheriff Wilder says his deputies were originally called to the park for an altercation between an adult and a juvenile. From that incident stemmed an investigation involving an underage umpire and other juveniles.

Though Sheriff Wilder could not comment on specifics of the case as it involves minors, but did say the investigation did not start because of the game.

“Really like to reiterate that this did not have anything to do with an umpiring or a bad call on the field,” Sheriff Wilder said. “This situation happened at the ball field but didn’t have nothing to do with baseball or anything that happened on the field such as a call or anything like that.”

On social media, many people voiced their opinions on the situation but for law enforcement they work to tune out the world of social media when conducting investigations.

“Social media is definitely a tough thing for us law enforcement should law enforcement answer,” Sheriff Wilder said. “Luckily the court of law doesn’t work the same way as social media.”

Sheriff Wilder says whether the adult is charged in the altercation with the juvenile will be up to the Warrick County prosecutor’s office.