EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – Seven years ago, Evansville musician Shane Breedlove was murdered while walking to work at the Washington Square Mall.

No one has been charged with his murder and his family continues to remember him while still looking for answers to their questions of who is behind Breedlove’s murder.

For his mother, Carol Cleveland, she says there are important moments she wishes her son would get to experience that he will never be able to.

“His oldest daughter is going to have a baby which would be Shane’s first grandchild and it’s all so bittersweet,” Cleveland explained. “We’re all so excited for her yet it’s sad to know that Shane will never get to know his grandbabies.”

Cleveland says she continues to speak with the Evansville Police Department who have told her they do not consider her son’s case a cold case but an ongoing investigation.

Over the last seven years, different family members have passed away as well but Carol is hoping she gets the answers to her questions before it is her time.

“His father has passed and recently his step father has passed,” Cleveland explained. “It is my prayer that something doesn’t happen to me that I’m gone before I get my answers.”

Shane was a musician who played for different bands and his mom says he had a certain confidence about him when he performed.

“Oddly enough this boy never had an instrument lesson in his whole life,” Cleveland said. “It was just natural talent.”

Carol says isn’t as much about closure as it is more about who would take the life of such a special piece of their family’s lives.

“When it’s your child there is no closure,” Cleveland said. “It’s with you for the rest of your life but it’s my prayer that maybe I can get a little peace.”