HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- According to a new final election survey from Emerson College Polling, Incumbent Governor Andy Beshear and Attorney General Daniel Cameron are in a dead heat with 47% of voters supporting Beshear, and 47% supporting Cameron.

The survey found that since last month’s poll of registered Kentucky voters, Beshear’s initial support has decreased by 2 points from 49% to 47%, while support for Cameron increased a total of 14 points from 33% to 47%. Cameron also holds a slight advantage with undecided voters when asked which of the two candidates they would lean towards at this time in the race.

“Cameron appears to have gained ground by consolidating Republican voters who supported former President Donald Trump in the 2020 election,” said Spencer Kimball, Executive Director of Emerson College Polling. “In October, 54% of Trump supporters supported Cameron; now, as election day approaches, the number has jumped to 79%- a 25 point increase. Notably, October’s poll was of registered voters in Kentucky, while this final election poll includes only those who are very likely or have already voted in Kentucky.

A large portion of the support for Cameron has increased among older voters in Kentucky since the last poll in October. A majority of voters (58%) ages 50-69 now support Cameron for governor, which is a 22-point increase from October where Cameron’s support among the age group was only 36%.

One of the largest points of contention in the Kentucky Gubernatorial race is abortion. Kentucky voters oppose the current state laws that ban abortion in nearly all cases, with no exception for rape or incest by 55%, compared to the 28% of voters who support the ban, and 17% of voters who are unsure. Majorities of both men and women voters oppose the abortion law, with 52% of men and 58% of women voters who oppose the laws, while support is relatively similar with 30% of male voters and 28% of women voters who support the abortion laws in the state.

It was noted in the poll that while Cameron is gaining traction, a majority of voters (57%) expect Governor Andy Beshear to be re-elected, with 41% of those surveyed who think that the Attorney General will win the race.