EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — Amid what many residents say are consistently high CenterPoint Energy bills, one family is hoping they have found their solution to their problem.

For Evansville residents Casey Hahn and Max Hahn, they say their usage of power hasn’t changed in the last two to three years but the price has. The continued rise seen in their bills started to affect them in their everyday lives.

“The bills from CenterPoint were just getting outrageous and we found that sitting there doing nothing was just driving us nuts,” C. Hahn said. “We wake up and be angry about our bills and I would go to sleep being angry about our bills.”

After few weeks of research and quotes from different companies Casey and her husband Max looked into owning a propane tank for their natural gas needs.

“This is one of the few options that we had and it took two or three bills and we were like lets sit down and do the math and see if we can figure some sort of conversion here to figure out if our usage of propane would be some what equivalent to the natural gas,” M. Hahn explained.

After moving into their forever home years ago, there was one other option that came on the table when trying to figure out how to lower their cost.

“That really is the only valuable option is to live somewhere else,” M. Hahn said. “One of our conversations actually got to that point were we mentioned leaving because we could not afford to stay at the house we were in,” C. Hahn added.

Even after lowering their usage, their bills continued to rise as propping the family for the propane route.

“If you compare the last two years bills and we keep record of everything if you go January bills side by side our usage this year was less than it was last year but the cost is more than double,” M. Hahn said.

Because they have only had their propane tank for a month they are unsure if it has been financially beneficial as of yet.