EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Castle High School unexpectedly had the day off today after there were reports about a possible gun in the school. Administrators and sheriff deputies were informed about the threat late last night.

“There was never a threat to the students or the school, but it was that the gun may have been left at the school. It became a concern of ours that it was left in the school, and another student could find that gun and potentially do harm to themselves if they didn’t know what that weapon was, or if they didn’t know how to safely you know take it into custody,” Warrick County Sheriff Mike Wilder says.

Deputies and staff searched the school throughout the evening into this morning. Officials decided to cancel classes out of abundance of caution.

 “We thought that it was best not to. It gave us time today to do our investigation and bring other resources into the school to make sure it was clear,” the sheriff says.

For parents like Jessica Machen, hearing that school was canceled was a surprise.

“I didn’t hear about it until my daughter was already dressed and ready for picture day,” says Machen.

She says they usually get a text or phone call whenever the school is canceled. But today, that was not the case.

“We didn’t get our usual calls or texts like we normally do when schools are closed. We just got an email at like 6:20 in the morning,” she says.

Machen says she felt frustrated, but adds she thinks it was the right call.

“I mean some kids did get on the bus already or you know, they were having to redirect traffic, and stuff like that. I was just a little bit frustrated about the communication but totally appreciative of the safety steps that they are taking,” she says.

Police says activities at the school can resume as scheduled, including the football game against Bosse.

Sheriff Wilder says they believe a juvenile brought a gun to school several times over the past week. He says they did take that juvenile into custody and questioned them but will not say if any charges have been filed.