HANCOCK COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT) – Hancock County residents filled into the career center in Hancock County with some residents saying they feel a landfill would be good while others disagreed.

A room literally divided down the middle voiced their opinions on a potential new landfill coming to Hancock County.

Some who believe the landfill would be good for the county say this could create more jobs and stability.

“GN has proven his commitment to the county and we will do the same with the landfill” one county resident said.

While one person did have reservations about the landfill he offered sentiments on how it could be good for the county as well with Gary Nugent leading the way.

“There’s no question Gary Nugent is an asset to this county,” one resident said. “He has taken risk, he’s invested dollars, he’s created jobs.”

Others who are against a new landfill coming to county point to have it will affect everyday life as well as their futures.

“So what happens when the property values in our neighborhood decline as a result of the landfill,” one resident who is against the landfill said. “Who makes up that difference to the property owners.”

Many residents question what type of health complications a new landfill will bring to their community.

“What’s worth a few dollars to contaminate water supply’s, our air,” another resident questioned. “I know we already have industry but at some point you got to draw a line in the sand and say enough is enough.”

One resident believes what could benefit the area in the short term could lead to lingering issues in the future.

“This thing will be like a cancer growing in our community,” he said. “It will be unstoppable once it gets started. I urge you not to vote for it in any shape, size or form.