MOUNT CARMEL, Ill. (WEHT) – Only a month after a tornado ripped through Wabash County in Illinois, another storm tore through the town of Mount Carmel.

Though this storm didn’t produce the damage of the tornado, many residents still felt the affects. From trees falling on houses to down power lines, many residents of Mount Carmel including James Thread were wondering when they would have their power back.

“I got off work about 3:30 p.m., quarter till four and by the time I got home to clean up to come up here to set up for “Roots and Que” today, we didn’t have power,” Thread explained. “I called the public utility and she said there had been 3,900 without power after the storm this morning.”

Some residents were still dealing with the aftermath of the storm damage from a month ago when the new storm hit.

“Just came with a vengeance,” Mt. Carmel resident Jaleigh Peterson said. “A lady was walking her dog and I had to save them. I didn’t get power until about 2p.m. and some spots didn’t lose power. It was just kind of weird but there were a lot of trees that took out transformers.”

Wabash County Sheriff Derek Morgan says his office began receiving calls around 6a.m. from residents in need of help and many restaurants downtown were without power which led many people to have to change their lunch plans.

“The courthouse didn’t have power until about 1’oclock this afternoon and lunch was busy and you could tell none of the restaurants were open,” Sheriff Morgan said.

Although no one likes to deal with storms, Peterson says this storm was nothing like the one they experienced in May.

When the storm reached Mt. Carmel early Friday morning many people were preparing for the Roots and Que Festival. Even though the storm delayed preparations, festival leaders say will be ready for the event on Saturday.