LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) – Nothing can be done to bring back the lives of those lost during the mass shooting in Louisville on Monday, but the city of Louisville held a prayer vigil for those who died as well as those who still face long battles dealing with their injuries.

“I’m dead tired of posting hollow words and prayers on the social media after every incidental mass shooting,” said Dr. Muhammad Barar, a medical doctor with UL Health, while speaking at the podium during the vigil. Screams and cheers from those in attendance rang out in agreeance during his speech.

“We are talking about the lives lost to violence, there’s no hierarchy of grief,” stated Louisville Mayor Craig Greenberg. “There’s only the shocking reality that someone that is here is suddenly gone.”

An emotional Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear also spoke as one of the casualties from Monday’s incident was one of his closet friends. He says acts such as this shooting are what tear into the humanity of who we are as a nation.

“It’s in situations like this that we ask how, how do we possibly move through this,” Governor Beshear questioned. “I think the answer that we’ve learned the last several years is together.”

In 2018, Whitney Austin was shot 12 times during a mass shooting in Cincinnati and survived. With her hometown being Louisville she says she was just as saddened to see what transpired on Monday at Old National Bank. She spoke at the vigil asking lawmakers for stricter gun laws.

Dr. Babar says he understands mass shootings are a complex issue that will need a multi-pronged approach but still believes something should and needs to be done.

“Why we can’t find a solution to this cancer of mass shootings which is eating away our children, adults and seniors at a lightening speed,” Dr. Babar questioned.

Governor Beshear not only asked for prayers for the families of those impacted but of first responders as well.

“Now if you can and I struggle, you maybe watched that body cam footage that shows these heroes rushing directly in without pause without regards to their own safety because they knew lives were on the line,” Governor Beshear said.

Two police officers were injured during the shooting including Nickolas Wilt who underwent brain surgery on Monday and continues to fight for his life in the hospital.