EVANSVILLE, In. – CenterPoint Energy of Indiana is proposing a five year improvement plan that would rate increases. While some are for the improvement plan there were many others who were not.

CenterPoint Energy provides gas and electric to a large portion of southwestern Indiana.
Sister Mary Rogers who spoke of rate increases emotionally gave her plea to the company and the state during the a public hearing allowing consumers to voice their opinions.

“I strongly urge you to deny CenterPoint petition for a rate increase,” said Sister Rodgers. “I will keep you in prayer as you listen to the cries of those in need. Her fellow human beings who already have a difficult time paying their CenterPoint bills,” she added.

Matt Schreifer director of economic development at the Evansville Regional Economic Partnership spoke from his company’s point of view.

“The partnership between CenterPoint energy and EREP has been vital for years to ensure our region is well suited for economic growth,” Schreifer explained. “Their focus on continuously looking for ways to improve the power grid and become more sustainable overall helps EREP organization so our region to prospective businesses.”

Christopher Norrick asked for denial of the new plan due to lack of improved customer reliability results.

“Reliability was far worse in 2022 compared to 2017, the plans start year,” stated Norrick.

The utilities board did not make any presentations or answer any questions during the field hearings.

“The IURC (Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission) won’t make their final decision tonight, and there will be an evidentiary hearing held starting Monday. and the IURC has until December 20th, 2023, to make their final decision,” said Olivia Rivera.

If approved, the proposed project would be built between 2024 and 2028.