HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – BHG Realty is supporting Daviess County Animal Care and Control by donating sponsorship fees for a new adoption each time a home is purchased in October. Additionally, if a new homeowner adopts a pet, BHG will provide a $100 package of pet products and services.

Officials with BHG say many of their realtors are dog lovers, and will be donating their time and service to the dogs living at DCACC by participating in a “Dogs Day Out”, providing shelter pups a fun-filled day outside. Officials say that realtors will also be volunteering to take dogs living at the shelter out for walks later in the month.

“I’m excited for the shelter to start this new program,” says BHG realtor Rachelle Johnson. “I am planning to take a dog around the office, dog park, and maybe even to get a pup cup.”