VANDERBURGH COUNTY, In. (WEHT) – During Vanderburgh’s “State of the County” commissioners reflected on the year of 2021 and changes they hope to implement in the future.

From providing economic impact that generates millions for the community to helping revitalize the county as well, Vanderburgh County commissioners are reflecting and planning.

Commissioner Jeff Hatfield says there are a few things he believes residents expect from their leaders.
With two of those being maintained roads and public safety.

“Our people our citizens, they expect their government to respond to what is most important to them,” Hatfield said. “Creating good jobs. If we concentrate on that a lot of your societal problems start to shed away.”

One attraction that is provided by the county and also provided jobs is Burdette Park, which in 2021 exceeded one million dollars in revenue. That is the highest revenue year the park has ever experienced.

“We’ve had really great support with the people downtown, commissioners council,” assistant director Zachary Wathen explained. “It’s kind of us sharing a vision. when you make the parks a place for every walk of life to enjoy, more money will come in.”

When observing how many buildings can be revitalized, commissioners soon began brainstorming on ways to make use of these spaces. One of the buildings includes the Veterans Memorial Coliseum which they are planning to turn into theatre style type of venue.

“The coliseum has been with us over 100 years,” Hatfield said. “It’s very under utilized. It is time for our community to raise the funds renovate the building and make it useful for the coming century.”

As plans for this year continue to develop many people say they are excited for the future.

“2022 we’re going to open all the way,” Hatfield said. “We’ve got some new features we’re doing a lot better on staffing and I think with the pandemic trickling down people want to get out in the community. They want to enjoy things.”

Enjoying the community is one way commissioner ben shoulders says helps to improve quality of life and creating jobs that the community will enjoy want to work for is just another way of increasing that quality. Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave says with the new broadband connectivity they are working to provide they are hopeful it will increase service in rural areas that will help local businesses and children working to complete school work.