EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Some residents have grown impatient over the lack of maintenance of homes in their Evansville neighborhood.

Abandoned houses is something one resident says has become the normalcy in the Center City neighborhood near the 800 block of Line Street.

Some residents says houses have been left deserted for over a decade and they worry about squatters and criminal activity.

Wildlife that call these places home have also hassles for those who live nearby.

“Most of these houses around here has been built in the last 15 to 20 years,” Fredrick Cook, president of the Center City Improvement Association said. “This house has been here forever. It’s been empty that long and nothing is done about it and I think it’s awful that we’re put on the backburner in the 4th ward when it comes to housing stuff like this.”

Grace Wilson lives next door to a property that she says caught fire in 2018 and still stands with the same damage and has not been cleaned.

She says wildlife also cause problems, as they are in and out of the home next to hers and many times wander onto her residence.

“Having to look at it we have to look at the possums and the racoons that come out every night around 8:30 and travel across the street,” Wilson explained. “One baby possum came up my sidewalk up my porch.”

Wilson says she just wants something to be done to correct the problem

“They can either fix it up or tear it down, it doesn’t matter to me but I am sick of all the rodents and things we have to put up with,” Wilson said. “It’s outrageous.”

Cook believes these abandoned houses is not a good representation of the people in the neighborhood.

“Seems like these houses in the 4th ward they can get burned out, abandoned, absentee landlords,” Cook said. “We don’t get any consideration.”