Senior class puts prom money into flying Old Glory

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LYNNVILLE, INDIANA (WEHT)– High School seniors look forward to creating many memories. But the year of 2020 left many seniors without the opportunity to make those memories. Tecumseh high senior Lauren Brammeier said being in the graduating class of 2021 proves to bring similar challenges.

“This year has definitely been crazy. It’s been very emotional too- hearing the announcements that our Christmas dance got cancelled and we’re not going to have prom. That’s just been a lot of downs compared to the ups,” Brammeier said.

Adam Loveless, senior class sponsor, said this class had spent four years raising money for a prom that will no longer happen.

“The big decision, you know- what to do with that extra money? Do we want to use it for something they can use themselves or do we want to use it for something that would benefit the community,” Loveless said.

Brammeier said she helped start what happened next.

“I’m a volleyball player and when we’d travel to other schools like Mount Vernon and South Ridge- when I see this flag come down it gives me chills. I think it’s absolutely amazing and it’s something that is very cool to me and I thought our gym was the perfect place for one,” she said.

She said the class voted on the idea she presented. Now, Old Glory flies inside the school’s gymnasium.

“Once the results got back, it was proof of how mature the senior class is and how they were willing to use the money for something other than themselves,” Loveless said.

A selfless act for future generations to follow.

“We won’t really benefit from it that much because the only thing we get to use it for is graduation, but even coming back and watching sports events and even like with our children, this flag will still be here and it says class of 20-21. Everyone knows that we did it for our community,” Brammeier said.

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