Severe flooding reported across Western Kentucky

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MUHLENBERG COUNTY, Ky. (WEHT)- Severe flooding following heavy rains hit many parts of Muhlenberg County and Hopkins County.

Muhlenberg County Dispatchers say a tree fell at Gregory Recycling in Drakesboro, and they have receive reports of flood waters in south of that location.

According to the National Weather Service, several mobile homes were evacuated in Graham, Kentucky.

Muhlenberg County Schools were closed Tuesday due to the weather.

The Greenville Fire department shared on their Facebook page several photos of some of the flooding happening there.

Image from the Greenville Fire Department’s Facebook Page.

Hopkins County Schools have closed due to the severe weather.

Eyewitness News has received images of flooding from White Plains, Kentucky.

Donna and Greg Greene’s Facebook Page

“We looked out the window and water was all the way up the sidewalk,” recalled Bob Jones, who lives near one of the areas that flooded in Greenville.

“We had multiple trees that were down across the county and our district as well,” adds Logan Franklin of the Greenville Fire Dept.

All this happened as some residents were starting their day.

“I hadn’t seen it like this in about 30 years,” says Greg Oates of Muhlenberg County.

Greenville firefighters say there were five water rescues this morning.

“It was covering all those roads. There were cars trying to get through and they were flooded out. They had to get the people out of the cars.”

It included getting a woman with a medical condition out of her home when water got too close.

“Water was coming inside of her house, and she started to get frightened,” said Franklin.

High water even got into Muhlenberg County High School’s west campus gym and around the school itself. School officials say it was contained to the gym.

Flash flooding also hit White Plains and Nortonville in Hopkins County. Emergency management officials say it closed several roads, and covered parts of others, including Highway 62 outside Nortonville,

“We woke up and our house was all the way, we just bought this house seven months ago, and it was up to our doors. We bought a camper in the backyard, it was going back in to the camper. All the roads were covered. You couldn’t even see no roads at all,” recalled Wilma Brack of Nortonville.

Residents affected today hope any future rain doesn’t bring any future flooding.

“I hope it don’t happen again,” says Oates.

Greenville firefighters add no one was injured during this morning’s flooding or water rescues.

Officials remind everyone to turn around if you ever see high water on a road.

(This story was originally published May 4, 2021)

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