EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – For some local Evansville employees, staying cool isn’t a problem during the current heat wave.

The Tri-State Food Bank in Evansville works to make sure the community has the nourishment and extra food they need in order to not go hungry.

For their workers, going in and out of the cooler and freezer that reaches temperatures less than zero degrees definitely helps employees not get too hot at work says warehouse manager Tom Breivogel.

“It gives you a lot of comfort to get in there and be able to cool off,” Breivogel said. “It’s one of the places you want to work first. When you’re working outside and we have trash runs or anything like that, that’s certainly one of the places we go to to cool off.”

During the summer months, Home City Ice in Evansville makes around 130,000 tons of ice everyday according to plant manager Greg Tanner.

“Sales go way up, especially construction sites using a lot more ice this time of year to keep their guys cool,” Tanner explained. “We have our daily routes that we do everyday but people sell out sometimes before we can get to them. “

Tanner adds that when summer holidays come around, the need for ice goes up even more. On the days before 4th of July, Tanner says they can fill up a store with ice in the morning and they may need more by the afternoon.