HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — Damage from a storm that caused down power lines led to the death of one woman in Henderson, KY.

The downed power lines were reported on the 8200 block of Larue Road in Henderson just after 1a.m. Thursday morning. The road was soon blocked by the The Zion Volunteer Fire Department and the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.

Henderson County Sheriff David Crafton says a vehicle with four people inside went around a fire truck that was blocking the street. Crafton says Aureah Grimes the driver of the vehicle, was killed when she backed the vehicle up, running over live power lines.

“One of the passengers got out of the vehicle to assist in them backing up and at some point the vehicle became in contact with the power line,” Sheriff Crafton said. “The driver was killed in that incident and it had two passengers that were injured.”

Before backing up over the power lines, the sheriff’s office believes the vehicle hit a utility pole that was leaning over from the storm. The vehicle would catch on fire as well.

“We believe that it hit a pole from the first down power line and the evidence supports towards that,” Sheriff Crafton said. “The fire fully engulfed the car and burned. All the passengers and the driver were out of the vehicle by then.”

Tim Troutman with the Henderson County Emergency Management has been tracking storms for 30 years and has seen the dangers they have caused.

“I’ve seen it several times in my career,” Troutman explained. “It’s an unfortunate situation when you’re caught out in a thunderstorm, you’re in a bad spot already. “It’s going to be important not to try and drive over them or to walk across them.”