EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – University of Evansville students are gearing up for a tradition that appeared canceled earlier this year. After facing student backlash for cancelling UE’s “Bike Race” event, university administrators announced in March the event would indeed make a return.

Keegan Lehman, a cyclist for his team, has been training in preparation for Bike Race’s return. “It’s coming back this year so we want to come out and make a show for everybody and let everybody see who we are.”

Lehman’s teammate, Kyler West, agrees. Participating in his first Bike Race, West is excited to see the event return after a cloud of doubt less than one month ago.

“I know a lot of alumni want to see it, it’s just great for all the students to be able to have this again,” says West.

Some students, though, had a disrupted training schedule due to the initial cancellation of the event, as well as inclement weather through late March and early April. Time trials for teams is a way for participants to get track time ahead of the main event.

“Yeah, it’s definitely going to be physically draining out there, with 172 laps I believe, around 25 miles,” explains Jobe Miller. “And only having 4 guys to complete all that. Just doing 5 laps will take it out of you, so it’s going to be difficult.”

Miller, like many students and alumni, are looking forward to Bike Race and additional memories that will be made. With the fun comes cautious optimism, and Miller hopes participants and spectators act responsibly.

“I just want to make sure that everyone’s safe and responsible during these events,” says Miller. “That way we can make sure we can have it in the future and that it’s not going to be just a one year thing.”