EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – As temperatures reach over 100 degrees on consecutive days, many camps including the Eykamp Scout Center have had to find ways to keep kids safe in the extreme heat while also providing things children will enjoy in the process.

During the Eykamp Scout Center in Evansville kids go through an assortment of stations in an Olympic themed camp with events such as archery, hockey with the Thunderbolts and relay races. When staff saw the high temperatures in the forecast for the week, they began thinking of ways to keep kids safe and healthy.

“Honestly I thought this is going to be a fun week for heat stress and stuff like that for all of our kids and I hope all of them are hydrated before hand,” health and safety officer Brian Dipenza said. “So our biggest issue that we have is hydration.”

Dipenza says they also teach staff and volunteers how to notice early signs of heat exhaustion.

“We actually just had one earlier today that noticed some of those signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion,” Dipenza explained. “We treated him for dehydration and discharged him with his mother. We try to do our best for heat exhaustion and treat accordingly. “

Many children like Leland Krampe with the cub scouts said he wasn’t as worried about the heat as he was focused on just having fun.

“You get to stay outside which a lot of kids would stay inside and play video games but I don’t really,” Krampe said. “I went outside a lot.”

To keep kids hydrated, Chris Felton made kids go through mandatory water session every so often and had most events under a tent to block sunrays.

“Just a lot of really cool things that we’re trying to have out here so they’re not only having a great time and they’re learning something but they’re also staying cool as much as possible,” Felton said.

Dipenza says they cold see more people experience heat problems over the next few days as the heat continues.