EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) — After three terms of being elected mayor of Evansville, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke announced he will not run for a fourth term.

Mayor Winnecke made the announcement Tuesday morning at the Pagoda in downtown Evansville with his wife and grandson by his side.

His family is one of the main reasons he decided not to run again, as he will now have more time to spend with them.

“The flexibility to make spontaneous plans,” Mayor Winnecke said. “Whatever the next chapter holds, family travel will be of very high priority.”

The longest tenured Evansville Mayor is Frank McDonald who served between 1987-2000. Mayor Winnecke says trying to surpass that record was never his goal.

“We never ran in 2011 to see how long we could run and we never ran in 2011 to see if we could be the longest serving mayor of the city,” Mayor Winnecke explained. “We ran to try and make a difference and we think we’ve made noticeable differences throughout the community”

The mayor says he and his staff will continue working on community projects up until his last day.

“We have a lot of very important projects that are in vital stages of their respected lives so over these next 17 months it’s pedal to the medal continuing to work for the city,” Mayor Winnecke said.

Mayor Winnecke did not endorse anyone to take his place but one likely candidate for the office is Deputy Mayor Steve Schaefer. The mayor thanked him during his announcement.

“There haven’t been many decisions certainly big ones that Steve hasn’t been a part of,” Mayor Winnecke explained. “He’s the strategic thinker, the devils advocate the detail guy. Steve’s the glue.”

Going out on his own terms is the way the mayor said he wanted to go.

At this time only one person has dropped their name into the hat for the next mayor of Evansville, with that being Vanderburgh County Commissioner Cheryl Musgrave.

“Mayor Winnecke has been a true public servant during his time as mayor and his prior offices.
I look forward to succeeding him and moving Evansville forward even more,” Musgrave said.

Mayor Winnecke’s last day in office will be December 31, 2023.