SANTA CLAUS, Ind. (WEHT) – The Mega Millions reached a staggering amount Tuesday bringing out those hoping to try their luck.

One convenience store in Santa Claus, Indiana had its own stroke of luck this past November after selling a $2.2 million ticket. That same store, a Circle S, was busy with people in and out Tuesday. Some just to buy a ticket.

Some say they play almost every day. Some made it a family affair. Or it was simply on their honey do list. Either way, people came out to try their luck and high hopes of winning some money. In the case of this Mega Millions jackpot, some big money.

For some, the lottery is just plain nostalgic. In one man’s case, he used to watch his dad play the lotto.

“When my dad was alive, my dad used to play,” said the customer. “My dad was a very lucky man so I’m hoping he kind of shared some of that luck down my way.”

Craig Sinclair, the store’s clerk, kept especially busy between making pizzas and selling lottery tickets. He said he feels the lotto gives people some hope of breaking out of their mundane lives.

“Well out here, there’s really not very many high-paying jobs as far as like in a city where they’ve got office jobs and careers. Out here, it’s mostly factories. And most people after a while just want to get out of the factory,” he said.

Whatever it is, he says he’s just behind the counter doing his job.

“I think that the world could use some more help but reality is that I’m just a person handing a slip of paper,” he said.

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(This story was originally published on January 12, 2021)