OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) – Numerous people throughout the Tri-State are facing unemployment for a variety of reasons. To assist with this problem, several employers in the region hosted a job far in Owensboro.

“Not certain exactly what I’m going to, but I just wanted to come down and see what’s out there. I have so many different skills – and I would like to utilize them in different ways, so that’s why I’m exploring around,” says Travis Flaim, who is looking to venture into a new career.

Businesses ranging from Owensboro Health, to Audubon Metals, to our very own Eyewitness News set up booths with information for prospective job candidates.

“As far as our utility positions, you can come in just straight off the street and we’ll train you, and we always like to have safety in the forefront of our mind,” says Riley Hamilton, a Marketing and Recruitment Specialist for Audubon Metals.

For most of the jobs, a background check and drug screening are required, as well as a solid work ethic.

“Somebody that’s got the education, certifications that match what we’re looking for, but even if you don’t have that just somebody who has a great work history, solid customer service skills, and they are hardworking,” says Jessie Horsely, a Professional Recruiter with Owensboro Health.

Job seekers say one of the most important things job seeker can do is to cast a wide net – and not too be picky when an opportunity presents itself – even if the opportunity is not in your typical line of work.

“You just gotta keep trying ya know, something might ya know – I even looked on Facebook and saw Owensboro Health – I got people calling me and telling me about jobs, but a lot of them were places I couldn’t go either, so I am trying every avenue, so I’m just telling people – look everywhere – everywhere you go and see a hiring sign,” says Michael Mays, a job seeker who remains upbeat throughout the process though he is limited by transportation.

Employers say that even if a person missed the fair, they can still contact for an application.