EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — The leak of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court centered around the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade is dividing many Americans on the topic of abortion.

Almost 50 years ago when the Roe vs. Wade case was ruled upon, the landscape for abortion access was altered and with the recent news, that landscape could change again.

“Abortion will still occur sadly but the abortion will be returned to the states for the people to decide,” Mary Ellen Van Dyke, executive director for Right to Life of Southwest Indiana said. “I’m looking forward to the day that all abortion centers in Indiana will be close.”

Justin Homberg who is a member of the University of Southern Indiana college Democrats believes things could become worse if this abortion ruling is overturned.

“I feel that even if you maybe criminalize abortion that it will still happen and that criminalizing it only makes women seek unsafe abortions and there will still be women and infants that die from this practice,” Homberg said.

If the ruling is overturned, it would give power on abortion rules to individual states.

“They want to have the fetus be delivered and have a child but they don’t really think about the important care after the baby is born,” Homberg said. “That would be like child care, healthcare for all. These type of issues are really regulated especially by those who are pro-life and they don’t think actually seek to better the life of a mother and a child.”

Van Dyke says there are many options for mothers who may be seeking help.

“The only choice is not abortion. They don’t have to kill their unborn child,” Van Dyke said. “We’re here to help them not only when the baby is born but afterwards as well with our support of the pregnancy care centers that offers pregnancy help.”