TRI-STATE, In. (WEHT) – The Ohio River plays an everyday role in many residents lives around the tri-state and on the Indiana side, the land could be receiving a facelift.

The Evansville Regional Economic Partnership (E-REP) hosted public sessions led by the Ohio River Vision & Strategic Plan lead consultant Sasaki asking for feedback from community members on themes and ideas for the 50 mile stretch of riverfront from Newburgh, IN to Mount Vernon, IN.

“Organizational ideas for all three counties to touch the river and the impact that they have on the river,” explained Josh Armstrong, senior vp for economic development for E-REP. “How do we make the river front as a whole feel connected, and so that’s a big chunk of the project, and that’s a big chunk of what you’ll see on the survey.”

Out of three session that were held, one of those was held outside the Signature School in downtown Evansville to receive students perspective.

“My attention is just the fact that they’re trying to reform the Dress Plaza and riverside area to make it more, it seems to make it more like pedestrian friendly and family friendly,” said Rex, a Signature School student.

Some students had opinions on what they feel should be done with the riverfront.

“I really want to see more greenery down there and make it more accessible to people to enjoy and really take advantage of that space,” said Myles, another Signature School.

Sasaki officials say reaching out to the younger demographic because they are the ones who will get to experience the changes the longest period of time.

“I think what’s exciting is for them to think about what could be the next 10, 15 years, when they start to get older and hopefully stay here in Evansville and start to think about families,” explained Anna Cawrse, principal and landscape architect for Sasaki. “I think that’s what’s really exciting is about rounding this in a place for them that they already love.”