HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is conducting a special extended inspection for the Highway 41 bridge crossing from Evansville to Henderson.

“It went from maybe a 15 minute ordeal to what I can only imagine what will be over an hour. It’s super inconvenient,” says construction worker Kyle Ater.

Over the next seven weeks, a contractor will remove paint, test hundreds of welds, and then re-apply primer.

Some drivers say they wish the process could have been handled differently.

“I understand bridge inspections are needed this day in age, I’m not going to challenge that – but maybe trying to find a different way and timing. Maybe at night?,” says Christopher Coady, a long time commuter of the bridge over the years.

Ater says he worries the about the extra time he will spend after work picking up his child from the family’s babysitter.

“There’s really no other way to get around it unless you go to Owensboro, and that’s just another hour out of the way. It’s just gonna be difficult for me, and going to make my days a lot longer.”

Coady adds the slowdown – while irritating – will not change his direction of travel.

“I’ll find ways to get across it – if I gotta wait, I gotta wait. I’ll just be patient.”

Despite the temporary frustration, both men tell eyewitness news this just makes them all the more ready for the new I-69 bridge to be built in the coming years.

“I’m sure it’s going to greatly improve the community financially, especially when we have a lot of events in the Evansville and Kentucky area.”