HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- The University of Evansville has reported that based on fall census data, the University has seen a substantial growth in both undergraduate and graduate program enrollments.

According to UE, the size of their incoming freshman class has grown 23% year over year with an additional 15% growth last year, making this the largest freshman class since 2018. This also marks the largest single year of growth in over a decade.

Students at UE hail from 28 states, 26 countries, and every continent except for Antarctica, with international students making up about 12% of the the total freshman class this year. The number of transfer students to UE has seen a rise of 21% year over year, from all parts of the country and the world. Students are also coming from all socioeconomic backgrounds, with over 30% of incoming freshman qualifying for Federal Pell Grants. Approximately 1 in 6 students also qualified for UE’s Aces Opportunity Grant, which allows them to attend UE without paying any tuition out of pocket.

“We are bucking the national and regional trends in higher education thanks to our significant investments in new facilities and programs,” said UE President Pietruszkiewicz. “Our efforts to address affordability and access through generous scholarships are helping to attract a wide range of talented students.”

Incoming students are also flexing their academic caliber, with one out of every eight student being a valedictorian, a Lilly Scholar, or a College Board National Recognition Scholar. More than 36% of incoming students have a GPA of 4.0 or higher or an ACT score of at least 27.

“We are delighted to see students recognizing that we are a community that deeply cares about them as individuals,” said Dr. Jill Griffin, Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing. “Every day we pour out our heart and soul to empower them for a successful career and a life of meaning.”

With the introduction of new graduate programs such as the Master of Science in Education and Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, UE has experienced 76% growth in the number of entering graduate students and 23% growth in the total graduate student population.