EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Students have arrived in Evansville as classes begin this week at the University of Evansville and the University of Southern Indiana. The first time living on your own can be a scary feeling. Add in starting college classes at a brand new school, and that’s a whole new level.

“I won’t lie it is a little daunting,” says UE freshman Brayden Doll. “But you kind of take it in stride.”

“[I’m] very nervous, [it’s] a little bit scary,” says USI freshman Chloe Barrett. “Because you’re on your own and you’re trying to figure out what to do and where to go.”

A fresh group of students are in town and many are getting the chance to settle in to a new chapter of their life during welcome week at USI and UE.

“The welcome week does help,” says Doll. “Because you kind of get acclimated with the other students and understand that you’re not alone in what you’re feeling.”

Some moved to Evansville not knowing a single person, but have made instant friends within the first weekend.

“To be honest I met a lot of people, more than I can even say!” says Barrett.

“I actually met Jess this week and we became really close,” says UE freshman Sophie Oliver.

“Coming here and meeting everybody during welcome week and like seeing how like amazing this community is and getting to meet everybody was truly like so eye opening and exciting,” says UE freshman Jessica Johnston.

Each campus held several orientation events, cookouts, and all kinds of get-togethers to help make Evansville feel like home.

“I come from Panama,” says USI freshman Miguel Garcia. “Trying to mold with American culture and all the fun things like, yesterday we had a block party which is like free food, music, also free t-shirts, it’s pretty cool.”

And the orientation leaders strive to help make you feel like you aren’t just one out of hundreds of new faces, but to welcome you as an individual, leaving a lasting impression to make for a great freshman year.

“They remember your name too,” says USI freshman Gwen Kim. “I noticed that when I first came to USI, they ask you what your name is, and they remember who you are next time they meet you.”

“If you do decide to come to UE, make sure you go to everything at welcome week because you’ll meet so many people and you’ll do so many fun things and it’s a blast,’ says Oliver.

Welcome week continued through Tuesday at USI and through Wednesday at UE.