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HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT)– If you tried to turn onto Marywood drive within the past few weeks and had to find an alternate route, you are not alone. Expect to continue making that detour until mid to late August.

After a sinkhole was spotted on Marywood Drive, Henderson Water Utility crews dug up an 80 foot section, tried to patch up the problem area, but realized the storm water line needed to be replaced.

“And we realized it was a very large project so we contracted it out to Mark Bowling, a local contractor and they’ve been working on it,” said Henderson Water Utility Project Engineer Bart Boles. “It’s a 54 inch line, it’s about 80 feet of it. We are replacing it and we are also tying in two other storm water lines to that and we’ll replace a section of water line in addition to that.”

Bart Boles, from Henderson Water Utility, says contractors are tackling the storm line replacement first.

The original storm line was made up of railroad tanker cars connected together.

“When they were installed 70 years ago, if there was an angle, like let’s say a 45 degree angle, they would put concrete around the seams. That concrete is deteriorated and then dirt fall in that and then you have a sinkhole,” Boles explained.

The 5 railroad cars have been dug up and removed.

“We had to order all of the new concrete sections. Beaver dam infrastructure supplied those to us. We have some inlets that we’ve had to order for the water to go into. That came from Evansville,” Boles said now that supplies are on site, a contractor can cut holes in the manhole structure. “It’s a special contractor that comes in and does that. Once they’re are finished then Bowling [contractors] can start back with their project. “

Henderson Water Utility leaders expect crews to be done repairing the storm water line sometime this week.

“That will allow us to get in and fix the water line. Once all of that is finished, we can go back and pave it,” said Boles. “I expect paving to be done sometime late August, mid to late August.”

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